Contacts window is empty even though autofill works

I installed Windows on a new machine and used the Windows feature to transfer my data. My contacts seem to have come across, because they show up as an autofill when I start to type in an address. However, when I tried to delete one, I saw that my contacts panel is empty when I click on the button on the bottom left or press Ctrl+B. If I click on ‘To’ when composing an email, that window is also blank. I read several topics on the forum with the same problem, and they all said to make sure that Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders is checked, which I did. This did not solve my problem.

We offer suggestions from messages in your Sent folders, so that is probably where the addresses are coming from.

If they are local contacts, I don’t think the data was copied correctly. To move eM Client from one device to another please see: New device and eM Client? No problem! | eM Client which will copy all your local data, accounts, settings and preferences. So whether the contacts were local or synced with a server, they will be there again.