Contacts when creating an email...

I have a question regarding contacts. When I create a new email, and I select “To”, it brings up not only my contacts in my address book, but also email addresses of people I have responded to or received email from. Is there a way to just show ONLY contacts that are in my address book? I do see some are color coded, but it just takes awhile to search through all of the other email addresses in there. Let me know if there is a setting I can choose where it just shows my contacts only…couldn’t find it on my own. Thanks all.

You can choose a specific contact folder from the drop down list in the upper right corner.

Unfortunately, this still shows people that I have replied to or received email from. It doesn’t just show who is in my contact list or address book. It shows both my address book contacts and people I have responded to or sent me emails.

It is strange -. can you please send me a screenshot? What version of eM Client are you currently using?

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