Contacts removed from sidebar in new version => how to DOWNGRADE to prior version?

Dear eM Client Inc.

You removed the Contacts from the sidebar in the new version (5.0.17263.0). This was not communicated to me when I upgraded, and it is not an acceptable change. Please let me know how to downgrade to the prior version. I want a positive answer, as what I subscribed to you no longer offer, and have no interest in your software without this feature.

Furthermore, I want to clearly state that I find very unprofessional and aggressive towards your customers to make such a big change in your software and not communicating this to your customers at the time of the upgrade.

Best regards,


Please contact me directly at - I will guide you through the downgrade.

This just answered my question with my Mother’s computer. After a few moments of retraining sending emails, it is fine, Missed but fine.

So you have same issue like is described in original topic?