Contacts problems importing

I try to import email-adresses from Windows Live Mail.
I made a csv-file , changed the “;” for “,” and imported the file in eM Client.

When I open Contacts I see nothging.
When I start a new email and type the first letter, I can see the list adresses.

In Contacts I cannot make a new contact.

Where do I do something wrong ?

Go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure that Show Local Folders is ticked.

Then go to the Contacts section of eM Client and they should be visible. You may have to click on the folder.

Thanks Gary, but that didn’t work.
I did what you said but the the check mark was already there.

And you actually clicked on the folder?

I don’t see a folder when I am in Contacts. It is an empty space there.

It should look something like this:


So click on the grey area. The highlight background will change from grey to blue.

If there is a sub folder, it will look like this:


Click on the grey area and the highlight background will change to blue.

If it does not look like either, please provide a screen-shot.

Sorry Gary, there is not such a map !!

After all, I just deleted the entire program and started over.
Again the contacts imported and NOW it works.
Thank you very much Gary.

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