Contacts Phone List View Issue - Numbers Missing!

My contacts phone numbers will not show in list or custom views. Email field shows names etc., all show, but not phone numbers. The data is there, shows in cards and people, but not list grids. This is in Google contacts folders. Shows fine in local folders and data was migrated from local folders to google. Also, if I open the contact to full view, and then close it, the numbers are there. Any clues?

Just had to do a uninstall and reinstall for another issue and that did not have any positive affect on the issue above,

Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

If you open one of your contacts, is the field name for the telephone number (1) the same as the column name in the customized view (2) ?

Thanks for the reply Gary. Using mobile # as a test, yes. However, in open profile view mobile is “cell 1”. These are Google contacts. Once I open the record it populates the phone numbers in the list view. Come back out of it and move to other views, the numbers are gone again until repeating the process. Its a migration field name thing, I’m sure, but I don’t know how I did this, nor how to correct it. Local folder contact folders ( I have multiple) are not affected and work perfectly. These were imported from Outlook, then uploaded to Google. Thank you again.