Contacts panel empty

what is the point of the contacts panel i cannot get anything to show in it - there are a couple of solutions put forward in other posts - neither work - i have a contact list with entries but they do not show in the panel

so simple questions - does the panel work for anybody - if so how do you get contacts to show

i have looked at all settings - am i missing the obvious

The Contacts side-bar shows your communication history with the contact whose email you have open in the preview pane.

does it - well it does not for me or i dont understand you - in simple terms

i have an email open from a contact i have in my contacts list - that email is a history of various emails from the contact - what should i see in the contact panel - for me its blank

it seems to serve little to no purpose

Here I have your message from the forum opened. It is received from forum@emclient, so all previous messages from that address will be displayed in the history.

So it should look like this.

Or are you maybe referring to something else?

ok thanks - whatever email i open i dont see anything in the contacts panel - maybe a setting - not a disaster its not what i thought - my assumption is it would show a list of my saved contacts for easier access

that said i dont know why i just see a blank panel

Do you see the settings cog next to Contacts Details at the top of the bar?

Click on that, then make sure you have chosen what you want to be displayed. Also, click on Choose Folders and make sure that all the folders where these messages are, are also ticked. I just have all folders selected.

i have settings cog and afaik i have ethings set up correctly - the next bit you say - ‘choose folder’ where is that i i dont know what you mean - i can see nothing saying that

hmmmm - i am starting to think i am being stupid and missing the obvios so stay with me

Snip- Snip- Snip-

i am using the free version if that matters

version number is 8.2.1473 (04b618f)

when i press the gear icon i am taken to settings i dont see your dropdown

OK, I see the issue. This is the Contacts section of eM Client. When you said panel, I assumed you meant the sidebar. They are two different things. :blush:

Please go to Menu > Settings > General, and make sure that Show Local Folders is ticked.

Now back in the Contacts section of the application, there should be a folder visible. :grin:

Click on that and any contacts you have created will appear on the right.

thanks - got there in the end - not what i was thinking but useful