Contacts page empty but suggested contacts appear in address line.

I have just installed eM Client and it auto-downloaded my emails from Windows Live Mail OK, but the contacts page is empty.

Yet if I attempt to write a contact into the email address line to send an email it comes up with suggestions from my contact list, so why can’t I see the list?

It is likely that Local Folders are not displayed. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General , and tick Show local folders.

Local folders is already ticked.

I have two email addresses associated with this account, mine ( and my late partner’s (Bernie_snell@Hotmail .com).

 The importing from my WLM account has copied all my emails (and not my partner’s) but all my partner’s contacts and none of mine.

I don’t actually need my late partner’s emails or contacts so would like to remove that Hotmail account entirely and get my own contacts downloaded from WLM. Is this possible or should I start again with a new eM Client account?