Contacts not showing up when composing a new message

When composing a new message, I click “To” and no contacts are listed under “All Contacts” or “My Contacts”.

I had imported 50 contacts from an AOL account into the Google Contacts using a “.csv” file.  The 50 contacts are listed within Google Contacts and eM Client Contacts.  The Category field contains “Imported 8/26/18, My Contacts”.  I’m thinking it should only say “My Contacts”.  Is this the reason I’m not seeing any contacts when composing a new message?  I’m also not seeing these contacts listed in the Contacts App on a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  If the  Category  field should contain “My Contacts”, how do I get “My Contacts” into this field?  I’ve not had this issue with other people I have helped.  Is there something different about contacts coming from AOL?

You can remove the “Imported 8/26/18” category by right-click on the contact and then under Categorize untick that category. 

If the contacts are not listed, open one and make sure it has an email address in an email address field. Contacts without email addresses are not displayed as options.

You were right on both account.  I was able to remove the “Imported 8/26/18” from the Category and the e-mail address was missing on the my Contacts, so that’s why they were not being displayed.  Thanks.