Contacts Management - Export Contacts to excel

Hi, I use EM-Client as a standard e-mail and contact manager and I have a lot of contacts. More than 1000.
So I need to export all my contacts in to an excel spreadsheet in XML or XMLS format in order to:
* Organize the existing contacts
* Delete duplicated contacts
* Complete empty fields
* Include more 1500 new contacts on list
And after all, after make them organized as I will, I need to import them again to Em-Client contact list.

The big problem is that the only option I found is to export to excel as a VCF file, but it’s not so easy to edit as an excel spreadsheet.
I need to do this operation because it ́s impossible to edit and add one by one, once I have more than a thousand contacts.

Hope that you can understand my needs and help me soon as its possible.


Just a thought from a eM Client user…  Have you tried to find a converter application online by doing a search for something like “convert vcf to excel XML”?  For example, I found this application at’s download site:

Hello Eleno,
unfortunately I am afraid the only solution would indeed be converting the files into XML.


Hi Olivia, I dont understand why you didn’t fix this function because it could be usefull for many eM-Client users.
I did not found any conversor and Im still without can update my contacts.

Please, can you indicate some method I can use to change mass contacts?


Install free Mozilla Thunderbird mail application from:

In Thunderbird, ignore the new account nags, go Address Book > Tools > Import > Contacts then import your VCF file
Make necessary changes
Then you can Export the addresses in Thunderbird to a CSV file and import to eM Client, alternatively in eM Client import direct from Thunderbird.

I just check my latest version and, hey presto! there is now an option to export contacts to CSV!