Contacts in subfolders

In local contacts I have several subfolders.
Is it possible to have contacts in multiple subfolders without duplicating them?
I would also like that in the main Contacts folder, I find ALL the contacts that are in the subfolders. Is it possible?

This is only possible with contacts synced on a Google server.

There, the folders are actually tags, so you can assign more than one tag to a single contact, and it will appear in more than one “folder”.

Thank you.
Do I necessarily have to go through a gmail address or is there another method?

As far as I am aware this only works with Google Contacts (so Gmail or Google Workspace accounts). If the contacts are synced elsewhere it will not work.

OK, thanks.
In order not to mix everything up on my smartphone and not to have an overabundance of contacts (I only want to see phone contacts there), I created a second gmail account only for contacts.

If I create a contact in the local contacts folders, the synchronization does not appear in the gmail account.
If I create a contact in gmail the synchronization does not appear in the local contacts folders

Because local means not synced.

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