Contacts gmail not synching

eM Client version 7 not synching with Gmail contacts. Thanks for any advice:

An error occurred

Uploading item(s) to folder 'andy@r…net/Contacts/ failed due to the following  error:

Execution of request failed. (A temporary internal problem has occurred. Try again later.)

Hi,  Same for me if I try to delete a contact that has already sync’d:

11:58:05   MailClient.Storage.Application.OperationException: Deleting items in folder ‘’ failed due to the following error: Execution of request failed: (A temporary internal problem has occurred. Try again later.)

Em 7: It also won’t let you modify or Add a Gmail contact entry - the version 6 worked most of the time.

Same problem here. Version 6.02 free. Just started the problem yesterday.

Seems to be a pretty common theme going on here.  I hope that the emClient support team get to see this. Ironing out these little bugs must be hard but I’m sure they will appreciate the heads-up here :slight_smile:

fyi to save others time - recreating the Gmail account in eMC 7 didn’t fix the problem.

Doing a repair worked for me. Go to the contacts section, highlight the contacts folder on the left and right-click. Select properties, click on the repair tab and click repair. Note that it will delete any contacts that have not been synced and they will have to be re-entered after the repair.

Thanks for the “Repair” advice and contacts are syncing into the Gmail contact web site. Now though, they aren’t syncing to the iPhone. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

That sounds more like an Iphone issue rather than emClient, as gmail is the central sync location. Try restarting iphone or at worst delete account and setup again (on Iphone).

Here’s the interesting part:

  1. Create a new contact in Gmail ( - it goes to the iPhone immediately
  2. Create a new contact on the iPhone - it goes to Gmail immediately.
  3. Create a new contact in eM7 - it goes to Gmail immediately after an F5 refresh - but it does Not go to the iPhone!! 

Any ideas? Thanks.

Ok, I figured it out. When setting up a new contact in emc, you must specify that it goes into the [account]/contacts/My Contacts. Do this by clicking on the folder displayed at the lower left of the contact form. This will bring up a “select folder” box and check “My Contacts”. Then it will sync to the iphone.

Impressive - you did it ! Maybe the initial problem was in Gmail that it wouldn’t sync from eM to Gmail.

  1. Is there a way to make that a default folder in eM for New contacts?
  2. Any way to convert all existing contacts to My Contacts so they’ll sync to the iPhone

An unrelated question - did you or anyone note in eM7 that there’s a problem with Sent emails not going into or staying in the Sent folder?

THANKS for the advice!

Glad it worked-- I can’t take the credit because I remembered seeing something about this in the forum before. To my knowledge, there is no default setting for this, hopefully an improvement in the future. On question 2, I’m not sure, but in my spare time maybe I’ll play with the gmail web interface and see. As to your unrelated question, I have not experienced this problem nor do I remember seeing posts about it.

Thanks, Jay.
I will post a separate question in the forums.

Well done you!!