contacts fields

Hello, I really love and appreciate eM Client, it saved me from Outlook’s countless bugs.
I’m using eM Client Version 7.2.34208.0 with a free license, two email accounts, one on on a Gmail database, the other on an database.
In contacts section of both account there is a common issue regarding name fields: if a contact has a “given name” formed by two words, the second word goes to the “middle name” field: operating in the single contact view, when you input the contact for the very first time you are able to write down its name fields correctly; then you save the contact and, when you retrieve it,  the second word of the “given name” is now shown on the “middle name”. This error is reflected also in the “custom view” screen.
If you correct the error in the single contact view and save the contact again, nothing happens, the error persists.
If you make your correction on the “custom view” screen, then you are able to cut the word in the “middle name” column and paste it in the “given name” column, after the first word and this correction is retained but, if you go again in the single contact view screen, again you will find the second word shown in the “middle name” field. Now you don’t save the contact and the correct record is safe. But, if you have to modify any information on the record, you must remember that you have to operate twice to restore the correct name fields value.
Previous versions of eM Client showed this issue very rarely but last two versions show it always.
Would it be possible to correct this issue?
Thank you very much.
Fabrizio Marignoni