Contacts Editing


  1. How do you remove a “Tag” from a contact?

  2. Is there any way to sort by “Last Name” in the “People” view of Contacts?

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Edit the contact and…

martes 17 agosto 2021 :: 1810hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Rick2

To remove/add Tag

As I don’t know how you have you have contacts configured let’s assume you have ‘People’ selected.
If you can see ‘Tag’ in the header simply ‘Right Click’ ‘Tag’ when the person you want to remove the Tag from is highlighted select ‘None’ from the drop down.
If you don’t see ‘Tag’ Right Click just to the Left of the ‘Search’ field in the header and select ‘Customize’ you can then in the pop up select ‘Tag’ from the left column and add it to the right… now follow above procedure.

To File by Last Name:

Edit the contact and under Details make sure your entry in the ‘File As Field’ is: Last Name, First Name
Don’t forget to Save & Close.

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Hey “sunriseal” & “skybat” …as always “Thank You” for the great help you provide!

Have a good one and stay safe!!!