CONTACTS confusion

I can access Contacts in three ways and am puzzled by their differences.

  1. Menu;Tools;Contacts opens a SELECT CONTACT window which lists a selection of email addresses. I can ‘edit’ those entries to add the ‘Full Name’ of the contact, as well as its ‘File As’ (whatever that means).
  2. There is an ellipsis at the bottom of the MAIL window which gives access to 6 categories including CONTACTS. There the entries are pairs of repeated email addresses from the same ‘list’ as in #1 above. When the entry in #1 is edited to add a name, that name replaces one of the duplicate email addresses.
  3. When I open a New Mail and type a name into the ‘To’ bar, email addresses are prompted. Those entries comprise a list different from the one in #1 and #2. That separate list must be stored somewhere, and should be editable. How can I access that separate LIST ?

1 and 2 are different ways to view the same data from your contacts.

3 is when addresses are recommended based on what you are typing in the To: field. These come from both the contacts, and from the recipients history. The recipients history is a list that is generated and updated every time you click on Send. You can manage it in Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History.

Thank you so much for that path to the prompted addresses. How can items in that list be edited ?

You can’t edit them, but you can disable the feature, clear the existing list, delete incorrect items individually, or save selected items as regular contacts.

Thank you again; the mysteries are starting to be revealed…