Contacts Categories / Import from TheBat / Some other questions

I am using TheBat and I’m thinking about changing to eM Client, so I am currently trying it for the first time (Version 7.1.3).

First, I like the eM Client and I think I really could get used to eM and I want to try to put some effort into making the migration from TheBat work.

I found some issues though, that you might help me with:

CardDAV Categories are shown, BUT Categories cannot be edited in the address book. Even worse: If you deselect an individual category from a contact, it disappears from the contact and cannot be set again!
I found that categories can be edited via Tools > Categories… you can create them one by one although they actually exist already?!.. so why are categories not synched when synching CardDAV, or at least add those missing in eM when synching?

Option for Import from TheBat (yay, what a surprise!) BUT doesn’t work properly: the folders are not being copied, ALL mails are imported into ONE folder (I have >100.000 mails, structured in folders). I cannot understand why the folders are not recognized. I would also like some options for the import (like which folder/accounts to import etc.).
Workaround: For each folder in TheBat mark all emails, export to MBox file and import in eM… this will take a few extra hours of my time but well, ok, at least I get the result I want.

Something else: I cannot make the " Local Folder" in eM disappear… if I have all my mails in the corresponding mail account folders, why should I need it?

Backup: is a standardized format for the backup possible? (eml, mbox, pst, …)? I only found a .zip file with .dat files in it after the backup. I mean to backup ALL files (not a single mail), also for the case that if one day eM doesn’t work it should be readible by another program (happened with other programs before), that’s why.

Calendar: In the event description, entries that contain TAB spaces (in the source as backslash-t \t) are shown as " t" (blank-t)… well ok, only a minor bug, not very important to me.

Thanks for and help with these issues!

Hi Johann.

Can’t answer your questions regarding The Bat!, but some of the others I can.

Local Folders can be hidden through settings. Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

Backup is a zipped copy of your profile folder. This will backup all files, including settings, templates, rules etc. You can export your emails, contacts, tasks, settings and events to other formats, but you will have to do each section individually. You will find that under Menu > File > Export. If you are using IMAP, and decide to move to another email client, there is no need to export/backup first because all this data will be stored on your email provider’s server. As soon as you setup the account in the other client, everything will be synced. Well, some things like rules won’t.

There is a glitch with events and formatted text in the description. I have a ticket in to support about that. Will have to wait and see what they say.

Thanks Gary!

I came around another issue: When you create an e-mail account, you cannot set the details.
The default configuration is that mails older than 7 days are deleted from the server. I know that you can change this later on, but if you just created the mail account in eM, the program connects to the server and deletes all the mails older than 7 days! :open_mouth:
When I migrate from another program, I’d like to keep my mails on the server, please! (usually I store them for 60 days on my POP3 server to see them also via webmail.)

Is there any way to keep the mails? (otherwise I would have to think of a weired workaround like disconnection the internet connection when setting up a mail account until i have changed the configuration.)

I think you are going to have to use your workaround. There is no way to get to the account settings until the account is setup.

In GMail there is a possibility in that you can specify via the server what happens to emails when they are accessed by POP, but I don’t know about other servers.