contacts card printing

When previewing or printing a list of contacts from card view, The “Mobile” field shows as Mo&bile and “Home” as H&ome

Hello Ian,

Can you please provide a screenshot of this bug?
Also please specify your eM Client version.

Thanks for your swift reply Anthony,

EM Client version is : 7.027943.0

Snip of part of the contacts attached.  For security reasons phone numbers and addresses are blanked out.

Thank you very much Ian,

At this point we may need .vcf file. Could you send at least one affected contact to my email [email protected]?
I can assure you that no personal information will be disclosed or used for any other purposes than solving this issue.

Hi Anthony,

Just sent one now.

I am having the same issue when I print my contacts – the exact same font issues as above.
Please advise…

I have discussed this with our development team and this issue is fixed in the upcoming version.

Thank you.
When is the upcoming version being released?

At this point it is the matter of a few weeks.
Unfortunately I cannot be more specific as the release can be postponed in case the app is not fully ready to be released.
But I can assure you that we are working hard to release it as soon as possible.

Just updated 12 May 2017 and still dose the same thing

I have downloaded the update  7.0.30068.0 2 days ago

and it still has not fixed this problem

It will be fixed in 7.1.