Contacts and Local Folder Display

There is a setting, SHOW LOCAL FOLDERS, that if not checked will prevent my contacts from being displayed. I have no need to display local folders in the folder list and would prefer to keep the folder list as simple as possible.

I can not find anything in the documentation that supports this. Is this something I may have caused when I imported my contacts from Thunderbird? Ideas/suggestions?

Thanks in advance


Yes, if you disable Local Folders then you will not have access to previously saved data in that location.

eM Client can store your data in one of two locations; Local Folders or online. So if you don’t want to use Local Folders, you will need to save your contacts with your provider. Many offer CardDAV, or EWS, and then of course there is also Google. 

Thanks… very confusing…  I thought “display local folders” only had to do with displaying the folders in the folder list. With contacts I guess it has a different meaning altogether… it says nothing about “disabling”.

Technically they are not disabled as the Local Folder Outbox is still in use, but otherwise choosing not to show Local Folders means the data they contain is not visible, neither to you nor to the application. 

Hahaha… I guess when translating from a foreign language to English, we end up with “Show” = “Disable”.


No translation involved as English is my first language.

It was just an unfortunate misuse of the word on my part.

Gary, I was not referring to you… I do know what your first language is. I was referring to the settings wording; “Show Local Folders” really meaning “Disable Local Folders”…

All is good …