Contacts and Google Labels

Just started using re-using em Client Desktop now there are tablet/phone versions and I have a strange issue with contacts
My primary email account is a Gmail account

In Google contacts I have created 8 labels in which to store different groups of contacts

No contact appears in more than one label group

When I look at my contacts in em Client Desktop, I have ticked the gmail account on-line account (not local folders) for my 8 label groups and against each contact I have noticed that they have “membership” of google label I created and in which they are stored AND “My Contacts”

The google contacts folder “My contacts” group is not ticked in em Client so shouldnt be shown and furthermore if I browse to it on-line “My Contacts” doesnt even exist

I know that there is a “system” label called “my Contacts” which is the default location where contacts are placed but I go in via CHrome and move contacts to my sub-labels, delete them from the my contacts label (and in fact delete my contacts). So even though the folder doesnt show up visibly and has no contacts in it, obviously it is hidden somewhere and does contain contacts

I have tried all combinations of ticking local labels, on-line labels etc but “my contacts” membership always shows up

Its highly probable my understanding of what em Cleint desktop should be doing and what it actually does and what its supposed to do is incorrect, but can anyone please explain (and fix) what I am seeing

Best regards

The Google API syncs the Contacts folder on the server as My Contacts in the client.

If you want to remove the contact from that folder, it needs to be given another tag first, then you can remove the My Contacts tag. To remove a tag right-click on the contact and choose Tags, then untick the one you want to remove.


The on-line contacts folder isnt ticked, nor is the online my contacts folder, just the 8 labels i created.

even with those not ticked are you saying they will be shown anyway?