Contacts and calendars stop displaying

A minor issue but just posting as it appears to be a bug. Or am I doing something wrong?

I have two sets of contacts: local & iCloud. If I accidentally disable the display for both (using the checkboxes in the left panel), then turn one or both back on, I get the message “This folder contains no items…”. The only workaround I have found is to close eM Client altogether and re-open it.

Same happens for the calendar. I have two iCloud calenders. If I disable them both, I can’t see them again until I close/re-open eM Client.

Screenshots attached.



You don’t have anything selected. Click on the names of one of those folders.

Where would I click the folder name?
In the left panel there is a checkbox clicked for two folders in both contacts and calendars. (note the images)

Click the folder name:

I can see how that is another workaround for the bug.

I discovered there are different behaviors for clicking on the check box vs. clicking on the calendar name. So for example, if you click off all checkboxes, all calendars disappear. But if you click them again, they are turned on but nothing appears. You have to click a calendar name and then calendars reappear.