Contact with multiple email addresses

I have a contact with two email addresses. Only the latest email address is valid (the other is defunct), but this way, when I view the history of the contact, I see all emails, old and new.

When I go to send an email to this person, I start typing his name “Henry” and EM offers suggestions of both old and new emails. Since the old email doesn’t work any more, I don’t want to use that by mistake. Is it possible to somehow to flag an email address in the contact as “read-only”, that is: only use it for reading / searching / history of what I’ve already got, and never use it for sending?

You can delete the “defunct” email address or ALL in the settings menu:


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Thank you. Unfortunately, when I click “Show recipients”, the defunct email address isn’t in the list. As for “Clear recipients history”, I went ahead and tried that, too. Now the “Show recipients” list is empty, but what I described in my original post hasn’t changed.

Then perhaps your only choice is to delete the “defunct” address from the contact’s profile.

Thanks @sunriseal - I thought I might be missing something, but it looks like I can’t keep the complete history (with both email addys) and avoid the suggestion I don’t want to use. I’ll need to be careful when sending.

If there is another way, there are a few other folks that might jump in and make suggestions.

I have thought of another idea… you can create a RULE that will look for the use of the “defunct” email address in the TO field and if found notify you it was used by perhaps moving it to a folder.