Contact showing in pop-up suggestion list not in contacts

When you type a few letters of an address, eM Client pop-up some suggestions.  One of these is not in my contacts.  It contains an invalid email address which I would like to delete.  How can I find it if it is not in the contacts?  I see it in the file contact_index.dat in the AppData\Roaming\eM Client directory.

Hi Niagara,

If there is a ‘red cross’ next to the name which shows up when you enter a few characters in the ‘to’ field of a new e-mail, you can click on that to delete it.

Hi, you can either use Hans’ suggestion or go to Tools > Settings  > Mail > Compose and click on “Show recipients”,
where you can edit all your stored email addresses that might not be in your contacts.

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That solved it, thank you.  I used Paul’s suggestion and am no longer bedeviled by an errant address.

Glad it worked, if you come across any other issues or have any more questions about the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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What if I don’t see the red x and when I go to the tools menu it only shows people that I have recently emailed. Somehow eM Client has pulled lots of old e-mail address that I have not used in some time. In outlook you can right click and delete them from the recently used list.

Hi Corey, can you make a screenshot of the issue?
You should only see contacts that are saved in your contacts folder or which you’ve messaged, what mail service are you using?

You can go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Show recipients, you should see all the cached addresses there, and you should able to edit/delete them.

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I tried both these options and I still have pop-ups/suggestions to addresses which not in my contact list. The red X does not appear next to these address when they pop up. I have tried Paul’s suggestion - the contacts are empty and I have also cleared “recent contacts”. Any suggestions?

Hi again Jon, in case this is a custom domain address, or a company address the list can also be populated by your global address book, this would be fetched from your mail server, but we only support this option for a handful of mail services and GAL should also be visible as your contacts folder.

The red cross is only shown for recipients stored in the recipients window under privacy, contacts that do not have the red cross next to it have to be located in one of your contacts folders.


perfect straight forward answer solves all old email address problems. thanks!

Even when I add them directly to contacts they do not show on the email contact section. when I compose and email the address show but not on the program.

Hello Kathie,
seems like you are addressing a different issue on an old thread.
Could you please make a new Forum thread with more information about your situation? (Windows version, installed eM Client version number and description of your problem).
Thank you.


Hi Olivia… I reinstalled the program, and before I did I deleted the appdata file for emclient so I got a fresh install. I made sure that I did everything right this time and voila there are my addresses. Thank you