Contact Problem

I sync my em-client contacts with owncloud and my android smart phone.
If I add a new contact and put the phone number under “Privat” (German), then he changes it into “Home”.

Same problem with addresses.
He turns it from “Privat” to “Home”.
But not every time.

Could you please enable CalDAV logging, simulate the issue and send us the logs? It would help us a lot. Thank you.

But there ist a lot of code.
You got an e-mail adress that I could send you this file?

When you hit the “Send logs” button a new mail form with predefined email address will appear.

Any news on this?

On the Android-Phone the type HOME, WORK\ and TYPE\
are displayed as other, so you don’t know what number is
is the business or private

Hope this will be solved soon.