contact photos /adress book


suddenly, my google contacts have no photos in emc. Using the latest version 7.130632.0

same problem with latest version 30638!! Urgent!!

These versions are no betas, am I right?
Seems to me that there is a very poor quality management.

they are not betas, version 30638 is available on the download page. Yes, something failed …

Agree.  There is a problem with contact avatars.

i have the same problem all fotos lost after update from 7.1.30508.0 to 7.1.30638.0

They will fix it.  Not losing any sleep over it.

Mine have gone as well. Not happy :frowning:
Downgraded to restore functionality, but of course eM Client 7.1 had already synced with my Google Contacts, so all the photos are gone. And, guess what? I did not have a backup!
Now spending time manually restoring the photos.

Yes, it is annoying. Please fix soon

More than 4 days passed and no response from the company … what kind of miserable behavior.

I downgraded to 7.1.30508. That was the last version before the contact photos were broken.

If you are using the Pro version of eM Client, contact the Enterprise On-line Support Center  for your VIP Support. You will get a speedy reply.

If you are using the free version, wait here in this forum for free support. Which means it is unlikely that anybody other than other free users will reply to your questions.

Yes, I use the pro version, thanks for that information

I have the PRO version, I have reported the problem via that channel, and I have NOT received any solution.

I discovered on Google Contacts (via web interface) you can restore contacts to any state that it was in the past 30 days. So after downgrading eM Client to 7.1.30508, I restored my contacts, and now everything is back to normal. Just waiting for eM Client to fix the bug before I upgrade to latest version.

For me the contacts (including the photos) are still there, in the account. Not need to restore the contacts. But em Client has lost the capability to show the photos, We are now waiting for Product support to fix the problem.

Same here. But it is not a special “google” problem. The photos are also get lost with other providers.

Quite right Mirko and Lars. I ran a clean test, and the photos remained in Google after not being shown in eM Client 7.1.30638. And after downgrade to 7.1.30508 they were still there, bot in eM Client and on Google. Somehow mine got lost on my original downgrade - don’t know why or how - just me being stupid I guess.

I tried to recreate the problem, but no luck. Even restoring a 7.1.30638 backup in 7.1.30508 did not recreate the lost photos. Lars, you are right - it is the capability to show the photos that is broken in 7.1.30638, not the photos actually being lost. But I did learn that trick with restoring Google contacts, so was not a totally useless exercise.

7.1.30646.0 from July 10th
problem not fixed - buying this program was wasted money

Hello Mirko and Lars,

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This delay happened because of the weekend together with public holidays in last days. We guarantee 24-hrs response in working days so please be patient until our support team gets to your tickets.
Could you please send me the ticket numbers of the reported problem?

With regards,
Russel Markosky
eM Client

all fotos still gone with Version 7.1.30646.0