contact Other Phone 2 field not available

When i synced my outlook contacts, the other phone of outlook went to Other Phone 2 in emclient.
When i display phone list in emclient, the Other Phone 2 doesn’t display and is also not available in columns configuration.

Hope this can be fixed, i would be grateful for your help.

Hi, what version of eM Client are you using and what mail service provider are you using?
Was this synchronized using CardDav or an Exchange account or did you import the contact into eM Client?

Thank you,

Thanks a lot Paul for your kind reply.

Emclient imported contacts from outlook in which they were in Other phone field. However, emclient has placed them in Other phone 2 filed. But when i see phone list, it does not appear in the view. So i try to go to columns configuration but Other Phone 2 is not available to choose.

I would be grateful if you could please advise if i can do something about it.

Hi, the option should definitely be available in the columns configuration, but if it’s not try to rename the field the phone number is saved in.

Hope that might help,

Paul, i am very thankful for your valued replies.

I request you for your guidance on the following:

  1. I have one more computer on which i have installed em client. Is there a way to copy the contacts, calander, and email data in the em client to it? I tried, but em client stopped working. Or should one export data to file (.vcf) and import this on other computer.

  2. Em client allows one email ID for registration. So, when i tried activating using another email address, it said you are already registered (with email id of 1st computer).

I would be grateful if you could please advise on the above two points.

You can only use one license per computer, this is eM client’s strict licensing policy. But if you’re using an IMAP accounts or a contacts synchronization service such as CalDAV or a Google account, all you should have to do is to upload these contacts to the calendar account of this account, then you can simply setup the account on your other computer, add this account and all your contacts will be synchronized automatically.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for your valuable inputs.

I have downloaded latest updates of Emclient.

After clicking on Emclient for a long time it doesnt show whether it is opening or not and it takes longer to open.

Requested solution:
If it could simply open the 1st screen & then contiune to open in the background it would be great.
This would avoid the confusion of my clicking on the Emclient icon several times as i dont know if it has been clicked properly.

Regarding Old emails & contacts:
I have several years of email which is presently kept in Outlook.pst file.
I have completely migrated to using Emclient.

Q. Sometimes i need to open an old email kept in the outlook.pst file
Is there some way in which i can simply let it remain in some archive folder & open it when needed.
I do not want to import everything into email folder of emclient and make it slow as there are 1000s of emails in that old file.

I would be grateful if you could please advise.

Rishi Saraf

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this, however I believe this might be caused by the initialization of .NET framework components.

If you have your emails stored in the .pst file you can only import whole folders from the .pst file and except exporting the message from outlook separately, you’d have to import the folder and export the message from eM Client. You can import your outlook data file into eM Client from File > Import > Import data from Microsoft Outlook.

Hope this helps,