Contact names suddenly renaming themselves

Periodically I have been having an issue where contact names are suddenly replaced with one other name in my contact list. How can this be happening? When it does, I have to go back through each contact and rename them to their correct names. Here’s an example of this happening:

Notice the repeated name. I do periodicaly make an email distribution list from this contact list and send them out using the “mass mail” option. Is there a bug in emClient using that method that is causing this issue?

Is there something I can do differently on my end to avoid this? It’s a huge hassle to go through and rename each and every incorrect contact when this happens.

You are looking at the Full Name and the File As fields. The File As field is how the system stores the data searching and other indexes. But the File As Field can be adjusted by looking at the following setting…

Settings --> Contacts —> General --> File As

There is a drop down that will allow you to change how the system stores data with that field. I honestly store mine last name first for searching purposes, but it is a flexible field with the options available.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, but emclient is actually changing the first and last name of the contact. It keeps all the other information,such as email address. And then I have to go into each contact and change their first and name back to what it was before em client overwrote them with the erroneous name.

Why (and when) is emclient replacing the name from one particular contact’s name (Kevin Davey in this case)? It took his name and overwrote several of my contacts. But just the first/last name… it did not touch the rest of the contact information.

And it has done this MANY times in the past couple of so months. I finally got frustrated enough to post this message for help on the forum.

So are you on V7 or V8? Trying to understand if this is a V8 issue?

Version 7. I do not want to upgrade to V8 at this time.


Is there any progress on this issue and what I can do to prevent eM Client from overwriting contact names?

Hi Dave,
are these contacts synchronized to a specific service? (Google Contacts, Exchange, CardDAV?)
Or are they saved locally?

Also, can you provide more details on how are the names changing? In your screenshot I see the full name is correctly showing “FirstName LastName” as is by design, while the “File as” setting seems to be set to “LastName, FirstName”. Or should your File as setting be different? Can you please specify?

Thanks, Olivia.

These contacts are synced with Google Contacts. The first/last name has been overwritten there, also.

The “File as” setting defaults to “LastName, FirstName” – I just leave it that way when I add new contacts.

I wish I could provide more details on how the names are changing. I don’t know. One day they are correct, and then at some point I notice that several have been incorrectly overwritten with one name from my contact list.

I do occassionaly create a distribution list from these email addresses and send them out using the “mass mail” option and have wondered if that is somehow responsible for messing up the contact names?

When I do this the distrubution list is stored in the same contact group.

Does that help or provide a clue? What else can I look at that would help?


Could possible be another device that is configured to your Google account like an eg: Mobile , Tablet or other computer has a eg:- slightly different layout for contacts that is then synchronizing to your Google Contacts at your Google Cloud account end which in turn updates EM Client the wrong way around.

@Dave_Fisher When these contact changes happen in EM Client, do you see these same contact changes online in your Google Account Contacts ?

Yes, the changes occur in both places – emclient and google. But I am also syncing to my phone, so yes, that might be a factor also. So what I’ve done is moved all these contacts to a contact folder that is local to emclient. I’ll watch it to see if this issues occurs again.