Contact lists reorganizing columns . . .

In the Contacts list give us the ability to select several field titles by rite clicking with CTRL key held down high lighting those we want to move and move them to the beginning or start of the Contact list, drag & drop. Not all of those fields are usable for those of us Home USERS. The way it is now is rather time consuming and tedious. Plus when we get one setup the way we want allow us to set that as our default for all contact lists we create.
My eM Client is v2.6.7606.0 my system is Win7 64bit with all updates, so far.

This is just one of the features that I feel would give you a big hand as well as for us USERs , another would be to make it a little more clear or give some instructions on how you would like us to use the addressing of our mail we either send or forward or attempt to organize or re-organize. Some of the other points are the ability to Hide some of the side bars that we may not or do not even want to use so our window is not so cluttered with features that are needed by another.

I feel or maybe know some of what we suggest or request may require a major overhaul of your software, You say you have some of your technicians are monitoring this community, where are some of the messages from them to at least let us know you KNOW what we have posted to your community.

Common courtesy would be nice,

I may be a Neubie, but; have held membership in many forums on this web, WildersSecurity, WindowsSecretsLounge, CastleCops(before they closed), SysInternals, PegasusMailCommunity, just to name a few. Your community forum leaves much, very much, to be desired. There seems to be NO organization to postings, categories are absent, no explanations as to what any symbols represent, are you really getting your monies worth from this company that is hosting this mess?

Just curious,