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My contacts list keeps disappearing and reappearing.I moved across from Outlook recently and love all aspects of eM Client EXCEPT for this. I am trying to sort my contacts so I can set some rules on my emails. I can select and deselect my folders for about 5 minutes and then suddenly the whole contact list disappears. Once it actually deleted all my contacts, and I lost them from eM Client AND my phone. What am I doing wrong and how do I stop it? 

One thing you can try is to make sure that you have the address book selected.

In this example, only the local address book is selected, so my contacts in my online GMX account will not display. Clicking on the folder name will display that folder only. If you tick the box, you can include contacts from all the selected folders.

See if that makes a difference.

Not that simple, but I have found that if I make sure I don’t leave all boxes unticked, it doesn’t lose everything. If I untick them all, that’s it for a while, even ticking all boxes doesn’t bring anything back.
I don’t know what I did before to totally wipe all my contacts, but hopefully it won’t happen again.

You shouldn’t lose contacts just by unticking the box; all that does is not display them.

Something you can do is make regular backups. That way there is always a restore option if you do manage to accidently delete them.

Thanks, I did that too just in case. I have spent enough time as an Accounting Software Consultant to know that backups are essential.

Everything seems to have settled now.

Thanks for your quick responses to my query, another major plus for eM Client over Microsoft. They might reply, but their solution is 1) give us money and 2) sorry we don’t know what is wrong !!