Contact list lookup/autofill during email compose

I am attempting to send an email to a recipient that is already in my sent folder. I start typing the name & get a drop-down After the first character with the list of 10 potential recipients. When I put a second character in, the list disappears. I have already gone into Settings to change my disered method of lookup.

I have also attempted using the “Clear Recipients History” button to reset the lookup.

Is the lookup limited to only 10? The person’s name begins with JU, falls outside of the list & will not show. Since the entire suggestion list clears when I type in “ju” I am unable to find the contact.

I have also attempted to use the email address in the TO field & have the necessary option marked to enable autocomplete by email address


Again, when composing the message, typing the first character returns a list of 10 potential recipients, not showing my contact in that list. Typing a second letter causes the list to clear.

even typing though to the @ sign does not complete any lookup to autofill the address.

Currently on Windows 11 latest 23H2 update, & eM client 10.0.2334 (3172f06)

Any suggestions?
Thanks all!

I have got the same problem and unfortunately, in my opinion, the Beta 2 version is unusable. It’s a pity because it worked very well until version 10.0.1495.

Thank you for putting all the efforts in the report details.
I have the exact same issue.
Very annoying, everything else works well so far.
I am on the latest 2382 beta.

I have tried to reorganize the contacts, but this did not change anything.
If however I manually click on the TO: to bring the popup window, the contacts are found quickly even when typing more than 2-3 characters.

Thank you for addressing this quickly, this is an issue that is very frustrating at the moment.

Any new update for this?
Anybody found a solution?

If you are having any issues while testing the beta, please send them to [email protected]

Thank you, I just sent an email about this issue.