Contact information Import from Windows Live Mail.

When I downloaded eM Client and imported files from Windows Live Mail, which was pretty much all automatic, I did not get any contacts at all, I can’t figure out how to retrieve them. Pls Help

Hi, export the contact in Windows Live Mail to .csv file, afterwards, you can import them to eM.

If you not sure how to export in Windows Live Mail check this for instructions:…

Here is the original problem. Last Thursday around 9-10am, Oct 27th, my computer froze up while I was reading email on my Windows Live Mail 2011. I had to turn off my laptop then back on to get it going again. I then had 2 problems remaining, 1st being my windows live mail would not start (error 0x80041161). 2nd my Internet Explorer, when accessed came up with a search error and I clicked it off, but every time I access internet explorer it came back, couldn’t get rid of it. but browser would work after clicking off error msg. I ran virus program (AVG) - no errors. I have since deleted Internet explorer altogether and now using Google Chrome browser and your em client. When eM Client loaded, all email files came across, but no contacts were imported. This suggestion did not work. Any other suggestions? - Bill

Sound like a spyware. Try SuperAntiSpyware:…, it for free for on-demand scan. Regardless if it not a spyware, there’re no e-mail program can direct import contact from Windows Live Mail. It a design limitation of WLM by nature. You need to fix the problem and gain access to WLM to be able to export it. Much like Outlook, you need Outlook to be installed and working to be able to import, and this again applies to other e-mail program as well, including Thunderbird.

Just to add, depending on your mail solution, if your contact is not stored locally but using cloud (ie. on-line), log-on and export the contact from your mail solution provider.

Well, ran superantispyware, it found 574 faults, which I had the program resolve. After it was finished, tried to start WLmail & still will not start & get same error code 0x80041161. I’m Stumped…Bill

Sorry, to hear. There could be that the damge is done permanently, some spyware does that. Like I mention earlier, there’s no way you can get the contact out without WLM being function. There’re some attempt of fixing this over the MS forums:……

Go through them, see if works. Good luck.