Contact information disappears every time I save it

So lately I’ve been having a weird issue related to my contacts. I’ll enter additional contact information normally and then hit save - and the information is deleted. Sometimes I’ll start a new contact and fill in information, hit save and it disappears. Very frustrating - usually repeated tries will make the info stick. But I have to recheck to see that nothing has disappeared.

Any ideas?

Using latest version of eMC, from here?

Any errors on screen or in the MENU > Operations tabs?

Yes, Version: 8.2. 1659 (845a639)

No errors in the Operations tabs or any onscreen.

Just had to give a contact a photo three times to make it stick.

Very puzzling…

As its happening sometimes when adding a new contact or adding addional contact info, the contacts might be possibly (out of sync with your online contacts) if its an eg: IMAP contact.

Some IMAP acct contacts like eg: Gmail, Outlook, etc have “Repair” options available in eM Client to resync contacts in eM Client with the server.

To run a Contacts repair if available on your acct, “Right Click” on “Contacts” directly under your account and click “Properties” at the bottom. Then click the “Repair Tab” at the top and finally click “Repair”.

See Gmail Contacts repair example below.

If the repair still doesn’t fix it, or you don’t have the repair option available, then go online to your contacts and see if you can add a new contact or add additional contact info ok. If you are also experiencing the same issues with your contacts online, contact your mail server support to get that resolved.

Lastly if your online IMAP contacts are working correctly, then suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and remove and re-add your account which should then automatically fix your contacts.



Many thanks, trying the repair option now.

Update: So I did the repair and things are 90% better! The issue has happened once since, but I think that may be a fluke because I use the contacts feature all day long (13k+ contacts?)…

Many thanks for your timely suggestions @cyberzork!!

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Its doing it again, having to re enter and re enter information in Contacts to get it to stick… very frustrating.

Should I just keep ‘repairing’ it?

Still an issue. Entering, and re-entering and re-re-re-entering the information until it sticks. Very annoying. May take this to EM Client team… its becoming intolerable.

Ok worked with Gary at eM Client and he had me remove my Gmail account and add it back, and that appears to have solved the problem.

Grateful for everyone’s assistance.