Contact Gsuite problem with contact

Hi I am testing emclient to use it as a mail client for our organization.
We have Google Workspace.
We have detected that the Google contacts, it does not import correctly the full name ( appeirs empty ) and in a client does not appear the directory field, although it has marked the flag to synchronize google contact.

Can you help me.
Thanks in advance.

We have been investigating this and a fix will be in an upcoming release.

This is still a problem. The Google Workspace public contact directory (aka the “GAL”) doesn’t sync full names… just the email address still. When will this be fixed? We can’t find anybody by name!

I second this. Most Names still don’t sync from GAL (a few do though, and did before).
I updated to most recent 8.2.1509.0 (from 8.2.1473.0… manually, because 2 weeks after the new release “Check for Updates” doesn’t see the new release) and "Repair"ed the Google Workspace Directory.

Any updates on this? My Gmail-backed company directory has an empty “Name” field for about 2/3 of my contacts. It ends up using the “Company” field when I compose an email (e.g., “MyCompany”

This does not appear to have been addressed in today’s update (8.2.1659). Any plans?

I noticed a difference in my company’s Google Workspace directory between users who are displaying correctly and those who are not. The properties for contacts whose full name displays correctly have a link for the “Profile” category that goes to a “” location (xxx is a 22 digit ID). Those contacts who do not have a Profile link show the data in the Work Details -> Company field instead of their full name.

Issue still exists in EM9. “Company” field being used instead of actual contact name.

Check that the address you added in the new message is not coming from Recipients History. Go to Menu > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History > Show recipients, and delete that one if it is there. Then compose a new message and see what is offered.

If it is the same, can you give a screenshot of the contact in eM Client; double-click on the contact opening it for editing, so we can see the contact Name you have.

That contact is not in the History. Can you send me an email address where I can send the contact info screen shots? I don’t want to post them publicly here. Thx.

Is there any fix for this? I am experiencing this issue now with Google Workspace and the newest version of eM Client.

When I look at the Contacts Directory, eM Client loads the email as the Name and Email. It does not appear to be syncing the User’s name. I have tried to delete and re-add the Google account and ensure I’m on the latest version.

Any ideas?

This is an issue with the Google API. They are aware of their problem, but haven’t given any timeline for a fix.

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