Contact Gsuite problem with contact

Hi I am testing emclient to use it as a mail client for our organization.
We have Google Workspace.
We have detected that the Google contacts, it does not import correctly the full name ( appeirs empty ) and in a client does not appear the directory field, although it has marked the flag to synchronize google contact.

Can you help me.
Thanks in advance.

We have been investigating this and a fix will be in an upcoming release.

This is still a problem. The Google Workspace public contact directory (aka the “GAL”) doesn’t sync full names… just the email address still. When will this be fixed? We can’t find anybody by name!

I second this. Most Names still don’t sync from GAL (a few do though, and did before).
I updated to most recent 8.2.1509.0 (from 8.2.1473.0… manually, because 2 weeks after the new release “Check for Updates” doesn’t see the new release) and "Repair"ed the Google Workspace Directory.

Any updates on this? My Gmail-backed company directory has an empty “Name” field for about 2/3 of my contacts. It ends up using the “Company” field when I compose an email (e.g., “MyCompany”

This does not appear to have been addressed in today’s update (8.2.1659). Any plans?