Contact Folders Reclassified as Mail Folders

I have just updated to em Client 8.2.1659.

Prior to updating, I backed up my Local Folders directory elsewhere on my drive. After installation, I copied that version of Local Folders back to the emClient directory.

All is good except that four of my eleven Contacts folders have been reclassified as Mail folders and are showing up under Local Folders instead of Contacts. The other seven are found under Contacts and work fine. The four reclassified folders indicate as empty when I open them. When I use Ctrl-B, all the contacts in the seven folders still in Contacts show up but the ones in the four reclassified files do not. However, if I manually enter an address from one of the four reclassified folders into an e-mail, the address shows up as an autofill, indicating it is still in the database.

There is no dbrepair.exe file in the emClient directory on my computer.

Does anyone have any idea how to repair this?



Does this help? Can I use the v7 manual database repair? - #2 by Gary

Thanks, Al.

No, it didn’t work. DBrepair showed no problems with the database.

I actually noticed a few missing e-mail folders and figured out a workaround to restore them manually from an earlier backup but I’m stuck on these Contacts folders. I exported the missing Contacts from the earlier database backup but can’t seem to restore them as I exported them in html and the Import function doesn’t recognize them. As long as the addresses are still in the database I’ll be fine and it will probably be more efficient to repopulate the missing folders over time!