contact email does not update in distribution list

I created a distribution list but when I update someone’s email via contact list, changes are not reflected in distribution list and I would have to go in and manually change it. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi, thank you for pointing this out, this is as you say really happening. I discussed the issue with the developers and we’re considering changing this.
It really happens with only some of the fields, or for example if you change the name of the contact and save it, it should be equally changed in the distribution list too.

Thank you again for pointing this out,

Hi, I am new to eM Client. I have the same problem- change an email address for a contact and the old address is still in the distribution list. Looks like a pretty big problem for the developers.

Any estimate of when this will be fixed?

Hi, this is already a working feature in eM Client, however you need to add the contact to the distribution list properly by choosing or drag and dropping it within the distribution list.
When editing the distribution list you might be able to see two types of icons in between the contacts some of them have a little business card next to them which greyscale only, the coloured one means the person added to the distribution list is connected with the list, so changes in the contact’s details should be taken in account when using the distribution list.

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Sorry, but I cannot get this to work.

I set up a new list and a new person. Open the list and select a member, the new person.
Then change the email address of the person - NOT reflected in the list.
Change their name - new name IS reflected in the list.

The little business card icons - mine are ALL coloured. The only way that I get a grey icon is if I add a new contact to the list by typing their name and address without them being in my individual contacts.

I think that your response 4 months ago to Ricky Tang was more accurate - “the developers are considering changing this.”

So, I ask again, when will this be fixed?

Thanks, Harold Silander

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What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer?

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Version is 6.0.20617.0 installed on 26 July 2014. I use Windows Vista.   

Hi Harold, please try to update your client to a more recent release and check if the issue persists, .

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I have updated.

Result is the same - name change is reflected in dist list, but not change of email address.

I have discussed the issue with the developers and we’re looking into this. The current behavior is intended but we believe this might not be the ideal solution, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.
If you’d like to see this change in eM Client, you can also start an idea topic and let other users vote on the feature if they’d like to see it implemented as well.

Currently the original email is kept so it does not reflect any changes to the address, but all other fields are automatically changed, we’re considering an option to let distribution list use the primary email of the contact even if it’s changed. Would you like to see this featured in eM Client?

Thank you,

Thank you, Paul, for progressing my request.

However, I am really confused by your response. What kind of scenario are you thinking of?

For the way that I use a distribution list, (where I have my contacts saved as individuals, all of whom have only one email address), it would be pointless for the list not to use the new email address, because the email would just come back to me. 

(If you are thinking of changes to secondary email addresses, I don’t have a view. Do lists allow the email address to be other than primary? If so, the list should reflect changes made to those email addresses, surely?)

Is the list a copy of the individual’s contact details? I had supposed that the list was just a set of pointers to the individuals and their details are picked up dynamically when the list is referenced; list always up-to-date, but slower to access it.

Sorry, but I just cannot imagine why it should be done in the way that is currently implemented.

Cheers, Harold

Hi Harold, thank you for your input on this, I believe it should reflect changes to the primary address. We’ll work on improvements on this feature, thank you for reporting the issue.
Hope you can manage to use the current setting while we work on this.


Thank you. (Fortunately, my contacts do not change addresses very often!)

Also, let us know if you come across any other questions, issues or new ideas for the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Best regards,

This problem seems to persist. Having updated the email address of a contact, I’ve now had to manually search through all my distribultion lists (I have thirty at last count) scrolling down the list to find which one the relevant contact is in,  and then manually update the email address there as well. SURELY I’m missing something. It’s an incredibly arduous process. One should at least be given the option to update the address in the distribution list. And give us a way of searching for contacts within the lists.