Contact copy/paste or drag'n'drop INTO third party apps

Hi there,

there are numerous possibilities to drag’n’drop INTO emClient, but how about drag’n’drop OUT?

For instance: if I write a letter in any other program then emCllient, it would be helpful, to drag the contact to the sheet to paste the according informations, all the better if they would be regularly address formatted in different lines yet (eg regular formatting of analog postal addresses). But actually its not even possible to copy the address line in the contact modus on the main frame, one has to open the according contact sheet and only then the address is copiable from the entry line adress.

Thanks for rethinking the concept,

This was fixed in 8.1.973. If you are not using the latest version, you can download it from the Release History.

These are great news!! Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately I work in MacOS X 15 environment and according to the release history the last update was 8.0.3499.0, Tuesday, November 24, 2020

But anyway, maybe this ist the point: I’m still working with 8.0.3494 (01b4e33), I’ll try it and will come back hopefully with news, thanks.


Ok, I installed the actual version 8.0.3499 (72a5416) but relating the mentioned issue above, no difference.


Sorry Romeo. I think maybe you mentioned it somewhere else, but my memory is not what it once was. :wink:

Unfortunately the Mac version is a bit behind the Windows releases, but at least you know it has been fixed and will be in the future 8.1 Mac release.