Contact birthdays in calendar

Hello everyone,

I am currently evaluating eM client as an alternative to Thunderbird, which I have been using for years. I am willing to buy two pro licenses, if eM client can fully replace all functions I have been using in Thunderbird.

I was able to set up everything as I wish, and I really like it. There is only one exception: I could not find a way to display my contacts’ birthdays (synced via CardDAV) in the calendar. Is there a way to achieve this?

In older forum entries (~5 years) I found the information that this feature is not planned. I hope you changed your mind, since I find this feature quite essential. I definitely could not live without it, so hopefully there is a solution to this by now. Would be a bummer, if that was the only reason to dump eM client.

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Hi Tim,

If you choose Custom view in the contacts, then you’ll see the Birthday column. This column can be moved forward so it will be displayed just behind the contact name.


Thanks for the reply, Russel. I am aware of that function and I already enabled that column in my contacts view. However, I need to see birthdays in my calendar, so that I can incorporate them when planning appointments.

So Russel, any chance that this feature will be implemented in eM client?

What is your contact server?   -  “(synchronized via CardDAV)”
Where are your contacts stored?

Hi Steffen,
my contacts are stored at my e-mail provider Posteo.

Posteo unterstützt Geburtstage von Kontakten und auch CalDAV also den Kalender.

Richte dir einfach den CalDAV Kalender in emClient ein, dann solltest du auch die Geburtstage im Kalender


Ich habe sowohl meinen Kalender per CalDAV als auch meine Kontakte per CardDAV in eM Client integriert.
Im Posteo Web-Frontend kann ich in den Einstellungen wählen, dass Geburtstage in meinem Kalender angezeigt werden. Im Web-Kalender sehe ich sie dann auch. Über CalDAV werden sie aber nicht mit gesendet.
Habe ich eine Einstellung übersehen?

Liebe Grüße,

Hallo Carlfriedrich,

Leider, eM Client hat keine Einstellung wie das. Wenn die Geburtstage auf den Server angezeigt sind, dann eM Client wird diese durch CalDav anzeigen. Stellen Sie bitte sicher dass es richtig auf dem Web Kalender eingestellt ist. 


Ich habe das selbe Problem die Geburtstage werden im eM Client nicht angezeigt im Posteo Kalender aber schon.

Die Kalender unter macOS oder iOS die ich über CalDAV eingebunden habe zeigen die Geburtstage auch richtig von Posteo an nur halt der eM Client nicht!

If the birthdays are in your Contacts, you can display them in the Agenda Sidebar on the right of the screen.

Sorry for joining late.

Can somebody clarify how I can make the contacts’ birthdays appear on the Agenda sidebar?

I can see the birthdays of the individual people when I check the Contacts tab, but they do not appear on the calendar view.

Hy there,
I absolutely love EM-Client for its possibilities and platform independence, as I am switching between macOS and Windows a lot for business reasons. Configuration of EM Client is a charme.
There is this little thing only with the birtg´hday integration into the calendars. Is there any update to it?
I am using iCloud calendars and iCloud contacts, which contain birthdays. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Alexander