Contact backup before windows 10 upgrade

I am going to upgrade to Windows 10. Before doing so  I would like to backup my contact information should something go wrong. How do I do this and how will I reinstall them to eM Client if need be?

Richard Schmidt

good evening
I myself am gone from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.
I have absolutely lost none of eM Client !!
Everything remained normal.
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Hello Richard, while updating to Windows 10 your database content should be kept, however if you want to backup your contacts, you can export all your contacts into VCF files in File > Export or make a backup of your database data by using the backup feature under File > Backup. Both these options can be used for backing up data, however the full backup will contain a backup of your whole database including contacts, mails and calendar data.

If you’re using a contact synchronisation service (e.g. CalDAV or Google Contacts), all your contacts should be synchronised with the server as well.


the issue is that the business card access no longer allows me to get info other than the telephone number.

Hi Richard,
what have you done with the contacts prior to this problem? Have you loaded them back from a back up or loaded them from a VCF file?