Constantly asking for CalDav and CardDav password for email account

A few days ago, seemingly coinciding with when I updated the OS on my iPhone, my emClient began asking repetitively for me to enter my login credentials for my account. First for the CalDav, then the CardDav. I put in the right password, over and over, and it pops up instantly again, until I finally click the X in the corner and box goes away. Maybe for a minute. Then it comes up again. The error at the top says “Server not authorized.”

I know I am entering the correct password. I looked on this forum and found a suggestion to remove the “” from the username area of the CalDav and CardDav entry on the Tools page. That didn’t work. I have done nothing when updating my iPhone to change this, EXCEPT I noted that the latest iOS mentions it now has 2 factor authentication. I have no clue if that is related or not. Just putting it out there. Point being, I changed nothing.

I was curious if upgrading my emClient to the beta 7 version would help. It has not. I have the exact same thing with this password window popping up all the time. It is beyond frustrating. Everything else I love about emClient, but now this is crashing the beta if I force the windows away too many times. I get “emClient has stopped responding” about once an hour.

Please tell me if you have any solutions for this!! Thanks!

Hello Sarah,
the 2 factor authentication is definitely the cause of this, there is an added security measure that will not let eM Client connect to your mail server.
You will need to set up an App specific password for eM Client and use it instead of your regular password.


Thx. How do I do that? Through iCloud or emClient?

Nvm, I figured it out. Hoping it stops now! I entered the new app-specific password. Thank you!

Hi Olivia,

Can you please advise how do i set up an App specific password for eM Client and use it ? Thanks

Steps to create app password are on Apple’s website: