Constant request for password/user name for yahoo account

As others have noted eMClient keeps requesting password/ user name for yahoo account. Mail seems to download and upload correctly despite this. Diagnostics shows no errors. Problem only seems to popup when eMClient is checking mail via scheduling, not when “send/receive mail” is clicked.

I have searched the forum but can not really find any answer to this. I am using the free version 5 with two accounts. I would happily purchase the full version if I thought that would solve the problem

Unfortunately, purchasing of the PRO license will not solve the problem. Our developers are currently trying to find a workaround, but I cannot provide you any solution yet.

Thanks, Mr. Wilson, for a prompt and honest reply. Since the company knows about this and is working on a solution I will be patient since other than this issue the software is great.

Tony Talbert

I too have the same problems and have had for 2 or three months (since 4th April) - the work around seems to be taking a lot of time and one wonders whether there is any light at the end of the tunnel

I am very sorry but we cannot fix it nor provide any workaround because the problem lies on Yahoo’s side.

Not sure that is true. I have the same issue with a Google Mail account.

I thought as much. My problem began when Sky changed their e-nail service provider from Google to Yahoo.

Does a similar problem exist with those who use Outlook? If not why not. And if not what is different in the way Outlook accesses the Yahoo server than that used by EMClient???

I spotted another posting (there are a few on this subject) that suggested for Google to revert from to (if that was what you were originally given) and so far that does seem to have helped for my Google account. However, I also have a VirginMedia (the old account, which is now one of these Google run setups. I am still getting the error with this one. I am not familiar with Yahoo accounts so not sure if they suffer similar name changes that would result in this issue.

I think rather than support simply saying it is a Yahoo issue is poor. They may not be completely wrong, but I also suspect they are not completely right. It would also be nice to have a more technical explanation of why they thing it is the mail providers fault. Some of us have enough background knowledge to possibly understand the issue.

Note: I have only recently switched to emClient to evaluate it. I was, and still am, running Thunderbird using imap and this does not suffer the same issue. I want to change because I think Thunderbird’s Address book is poor and now that it is in maintenance mode will never get better.

It you are getting the same error message also for Gmail accounts, send us your IMAP logs please - it will provide us more information. Thank you.

When I was experiencing problems at Sky’s Yahoo server I opened a gmail account and have no problems with that at all!

I downloaded eM Client to test out so I could get rid of that awful Yahoo email web interface they introduced last October 2013.
Well, I would be very happy with eM client should I not get these fake errors constantly. I either have to re-enter my Yahoo password (which has not changed for more than a year now) or have to click continuously on “ignore” errors. Beside my Yahoo account there is this red triangle that keep popping up. Go to errors and find none but no updates emails has been downloaded. Click on red triangle, click ignore and some emails show up but not all!!
then i have to re-click and re-click until I have my emails

This is really bad

I gave up on eM Client due to that annoying constant request and the fact that the company said that there was nothing that they could do about it.
I switched to Thunderbird and am REALLY happy with it!

I gave up on eM Client due to that annoying constant request and the fact that the company said that there was nothing that they could do about it.
I switched to Thunderbird and am REALLY happy with it!

TB will not do as it does not manage contacts group

I’m not sure what you want to do but TB does allow for “mailing lists” which can group contacts.

Hi Anthony,

You can suppress those error messages in eM Client by going to Tools > Settings > General > General and un-checking “show window when an error occurs”.

screen shot:

Hi Hans,

Thanks for the suggestion but I tried that a long time ago and it didn’t work.

Yes. em gives us advice that doesn’t work constantly. They say to uncheck the “enable service” box on the yahoo contacts but there is no “enable service” box under contacts.  I don’t even use yahoo contacts or calendar but its blasted CardDAV and CalDAV servers are driving me crazy with these popups.  I purchased em thinking it would solve my yahoo problems.  Now the problems are just different.

The most aggravating thing is that on my iOS and Android devices, everything is business as usual.  What secret access do Apple and Google have to the yahoo servers? Or maybe em can pay an Apple developer to fix this for them.

Hi Michael,

Maybe some suggestions in the following topic can help you?

Interestingly, I deleted my Yahoo account then added a new account – but this time i added a contacts account.  I added my yahoo contacts, clicked Next, then it presents 3 checkboxes labeled Email, Calendar and Contacts.  I checked Email and unchecked Contacts and it has not failed yet.  Not yet anyway.