Constant error message in Contacts

Not sure what category this is under, but when I open eclient I constantly get this error message:

“[Google Contacts] Uploading item(s) to folder ‘j…[email protected]/Contacts’ failed due to the following error: Cannot add contacts to deprecated system contact group resource name “contactGroups/family”.”

I click on the emclient button to ignore the message and continue on. I am not sure what it means or refers to in my contact list. Any suggestions?

Go to the Contacts section of eM Client and right-click on the ‘j…[email protected]/Contacts’ folder and choose Properties > Repair > Repair.

See if that resolves it for you.

Thanks, giving it a try…of course, it says it temporarily deletes my contacts locally, so waiting for that to resolve from server (as it states) and will see if that helps.

This seemed to have resolved it, Gary. Thanks.