Constant connection error messages

HI There, 

I’ve been experiencing constant connection error pop ups, when I was trialing the application I never experienced any errors, the moment i registered, and entered my free activation serial, I began experiencing connection issues, yes all the settings are on my outlook account for IMAP connections, and even with the error messages i still receive my mails, but it is rather annoying.

Thank you

dumping this email program. way to many error messages and failed actions

I think I might be heading that way as well as I’m almost at the point where i can’t take it any more, and I was thinking of writing my own email application anyway, so maybe I should start on that as the free email apps either have errors, or have limited functionality, I mean eM Client is a rather lovely application and I wouldn’t have minded paying for it, but if the free version is anything to go by, it’s not worth buying with all these error messages popping up all the time.


This thread might be helpful:

Thank you very much, Just gave it a try now, Hopefully I never see those messages again.

Hello Ernest,

If you’re getting these erros, your account needs to be set up as an Exchange. It will be necessary to first remove your account from eM Client and then set it up as an Exchange (! please note that deleting the account means that all locally stored data will be deleted, which shouldn’t be a problem if your data is on the server).
After deleting the account, go to Tools -> Accounts -> New Account but skip the “Automatic Setup” option and in the “Mail” option click on the Exchange icon. Afterwards just enter your email address in both “Email address” and “User name” fields, enter the password and then be patient while eM Client is “Obtaining server configuration records”.


I get the same messages all the time with my Gmail account. How do I fix that?

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Can you post the error David?

Anthony never actually said what the error was he was getting, and Ernest had errors with multiple providers.

Did you check the thread referenced above?

I know that many users suggest turning off error notifications, but I am not a fan of that “solution” because it does not help solving the problem. You said yourself you are not sure if it fixes the problem. Well, it doesn’t. Best is to provide the error, as there may be some fix for it.

Tried to copy a picture of it, this database won’t let me. Error says:

(My gmail address):Connecting to (My gmail address) failed.
[XMPP] An attempt to connect to (my gmail address) failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailabilty or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?

Happens for both email and calendar. Sometimes once per day, other times all day! I know the service is working as my iPhone will pick all the gmail messages as they come in. I have stopped and restarted eMClient, re-booted pc. No change. 

Well XMPP is the chat protocol, but I guess maybe there are more errors. 

If you are not using Chat, or you have not enabled it in GMail, you can disable it in eM Client. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts. On the General tab scroll down to the end and un-tick XMPP in the Services section.

Done. I’ll give this a try. Thanks for your help.

No, it failed again. Same error message. 
This time the calendar failed too:
[Web Calendar] An attempt to connect to Holidays failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?

I usually see both errors three-four times per day. Eventually they seem to “reset” themselves and email arrives. Yet I can see email on my iPhone immediately, 

Maybe some other application is intermittently blocking the connection. Could be an anti-virus/firewall application that limits the connections per protocol. Maybe disable your anti-virus application for a few hours and see what happens.

Other than that, not being a regular GMail user, I don’t have any suggestions. Hopefully some of the regular GMail users might comment further.

But you might want to take this up with your email provider, or if you have a Pro License, open a support ticket with eM Client.