connection with mailstore

A connection with the “mailstore” account is very convenient, to access all the old and very old emails, so you can keep the “emclient” archive light and at the same time have ALL the emails

Yes, with IMAP and Exchange the mailstore, which is on the server, is cached in eM Client as well. So you can access all the messages from both current folders like Inbox, Sent etc. as well as the server side archive folder easily from your desktop application. Normally this is how the account will be setup in eM Client when you add it using Menu > Accounts > Add Account > Automatic Setup.

With some servers, the autodiscover may setup the account as POP3. Unfortunately POP3 doesn’t access the server mailstore. It only receives new Inbox messages and that is all.

If the automatic setup doesn’t use IMAP or Exchange, and you need to setup the account manually as IMAP, you will find full instructions in the Documentation (F1) under Getting Started.

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