Connection fails to all email accounts sometimes, but not others.

Most of the time everything works great, but after a while I start getting this error message for both email accounts that I have set up. One is a gmail account, the other is not.

Connecting to failed

[IMAP] An attempt to connect to failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to check the settings?

I’ve checked everything over and over again and the diagnose button in the account settings says everything is ok as well. I’ve just started using this email client and I LOVE IT I would consider buying it for my work, however I’m nervous to do so with this problem.

Please help?

Send us your IMAP logs please, it would tell us more.

I also have this problem. I have a rock solid internet connection, but i’m getting this error a number of times a day. Sometimes it connects fine, sometimes I get the error. Where do I send the logs, and what logs do you want?

Simply enable IMAP logging under the problematic account in Tools - Settings - Advanced - Logging and restart eM Client. Wait until the error message shows and send us the log using the same window. Thank you.

OK, but where do you want me to send the log to? Email address? Post into this discussion?
I don’t see any functionality to send you the log from the window that comes up.

There is “Send logs” button. It creates a blank email with our support address filled in the To line.