Connection Failed (imap server)

Often I get the “Connection Failed” error with an imap configured server (Hostgator)… nothing changes, it simply stops syncing and shows the error. I have no idea what causes this? When this happens, I can go to webmail and the email server is up working with no issues. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you.

Could be a number of reasons.
(1) Some issue with your VPN connection/software
(2) Some issue with your anti-virus software
(3) Some issue with your host site hardware/software
(4) Some issue along the way between your site and host site

Items 1 and 2 are pretty much ones you can investigate

Optional Firewalls can also sometimes interfere.

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You are correct… I’m just thrilled I was able to remember all the others :wink: :grinning:

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That makes sense, but if it was a firewall issue would it never work in the first place? It will work for months, then all of a sudden “Error”… then it will start working again with NO configuration changes… nothing makes sense, I have tried everything imaginable…

I run into issues as you have infrequently. Sometimes it is VPN server issues, other times it is unexplainable… so in my eyes it is all normal

It’s very annoying, thankfully it has been awhile since this has happened… unfortunately it seems this time I’m going have to delete the entire mail account and reconfigure it. I do not use a VPN connection.

Well when you figure out the magic that will ensure that eMC never gets a “Connection Error”, you will share with the rest of us.

I expect a mail server to go down at times and of course you will have a “Connection Error”, I don’t expect it to up 24/7… that’s unrealistic. I just think the times I have the issues the mail server seems to be up and working properly, at least webmail works during those times. I’m going to contact the hosting company and maybe look at the error “logs” to see what if any errors were logged during the time I was getting “connection failed”. Just a frustrating issue, because it’s so random and the mail server seems to be up and running with no issues.

I frequently get these little warning triangles, also. Sometimes I will let eM Client run its diagnostic tools, which occasionally results in a repair. More often, I just ignore the warning and continue with my life. It’s the one thing keeping me from buying the pro version, however.

The same problem here… Office365 and GMail accounts… Every few minutes I got a red triangle with the words “connection failed” and if I click on it, everything is fine again… I’m interested in a solution too…