connection at times

I use to use Outlook express till Microsoft changed it and been trying to use Mozilla Thunderbird since but recently found eM Client which works better than anything else but  I still have problems with my hotmail not connecting at times  can must be something on my computer (Windows 10) can anyone help 

Do you have the account setup as IMAP or Exchange?  There seem to be IMAP issues with the Microsoft email accounts.  To set it up as Exchange, create a new account and rather than using the automatic setup, click on Mail and choose Exchange.  Make sure when you are prompted for account name, use your entire email address.

Thank you for your reply  yes I have tried to use Exchange.  Yahoo accounts dont seem to have an issue just Hotmail.  My post was long so I did’nt give all the info.  eM Client works better than Thunderbird did but its almost as though when a program (eM Client) tries to download mail that the connection sputters or something but after hitting Diagnose problems or just trying again it will work… Thunderbird would just hang  .I have a windows 10 machine and a 60mbps cable connection.  I stream videos and online programs and there is no interruption but mail seems to lose connection at times and caused error messages.  Its almost that the way mail programs work with the Internet connection that something causes this interuption. Hope this makes sense.  Thanks for trying to help  

Sorry, I could not be more help.  I find it interesting that the vast majority of connection problems reported on this forum relate to Microsoft accounts.  If I were a cynical conspiracy theorist, I would say that MSFT is attempting to force all users to use Outlook (remember the old MSFT mantra, DOS isn’t done til 1-2-3 won’t run…).  But, of course, I am not nearly that cynical ;-).

I appreciate your help.  I have tried everything and I am very cynical about Microsoft  as it seems over the years and over many kinds of issues that the name Microsoft keeps coming up.  Hmm just had a good thought to ponder. Maybe I should consider replacing my Hotmail accounts?  Unfortunately I would lose a lot of Junk Mail.  loll   Thanks again