"Connecting to failed [IMAP]" for live and hotmail accounts

I’m interested in purchasing the paid version of emclient, but don’t want to switch until I can get email and calendar consistently working. I’ve got it hooked up to two different email accounts, one at @live.com and the other at @hotmail.com. I can’t send or receive email on these accounts. Most of the time it says Connecting to failed [IMAP] or the same message with [SMTP]. I can log into both accounts on outlook.com using the same credentials and have tried the options listed in this article from Comcast: https://customer.xfinity.com/help-and…. I don’t want to use Pop. Any suggestions?

On a related note, I don’t see any calendar appointments from either account either.

Hi Peter

In order for someone to help you further, could you please clarify a couple of points:

  1. You linked to the article “Configure Your Email Settings to Comcast Email”, are you having problems with your Comcast email (@comcast.net) account as well? (the settings on that page are only relevant for sending and receiving mail using your @comcast.net address
  2. In your settings on Outlook.com have you enabled two factor authentication? see here for info about this https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12408/microsoft-account-about-two-step-verification``````

Not sure where my reply went to this thread went.  This problem is not solved.

1.  I can’t get any email providers to work with email client.  I am most interested in getting my live.com and Hotmail accounts working, the Comcast one would be nice.  Using:

host: smtp-mail.outlook.com
security policy: use ssl/tls on special port (legacy) <= have tried the other settings as well
server requires authentication checked, credentials include the full username@hotmail.com

imap: imap-mail.outlook.com
security policy: use ssl/tls on special port (legacy) <= have tried the other settings as well

  1. I am not using two factor authentication.  I would like to use it, but I thought it complicated the setup scenario and have avoided it for the moment.

Hello Peter,
have you tried the automatic setup or have your used the manual IMAP setup?
Also, since Microsoft is moving all its mail addresses (live, hotmail, outlook,…) to Exchange, have you tried using the Mail>Exchnage setup to see if your account has perhaps already been migrated?
What version of eM Client are you running? Can you copy the full number from Help>About section?


Yes, I tried automatic setup and then went to manual when it didn’t work.  Running emclient version 7.0.26687.0.  Tried re-configuring using Exchange and new mail came initially.  I’m now seeing the errors again "[IMAP] An attempt to connect to failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. "

I notice that I have had this problem with my MS account(Win Live), and IMAP, but if I manually refresh it works. it seems inconsistent but 99% of the time works. I had to manually set up this account to get it to work initially though.

Hi Peter

Microsoft email servers have been a bit glitch in the past couple of days but seem OK now.

Have your outlook & live accounts been migrated to the new Microsoft Exchanger server?

To find out if Microsoft has migrated your account yet - in a Browser, login to your account at outlook.com. When your mailbox has been migrated to the new infrastructure, the top left corner will show Outlook Mail. When your account hasn’t been migrated yet, it will show Outlook.com.

If it shows Outlook Mail , you need to set up your account in EM client as an Exchange account. iMAP will still work, but not as well as Exchange (also Calendar and Contacts are not synced with iMAP).  An EM Client  Outlook account (ie using AirSync)will no longer work. 

Note that when you set up an Exchange account, EM Client can take quite a few minutes to obtain the server details.

See this relevant doco


John and Oliver - thank you for your help. The problem was indeed the fact was migrating my accounts. Ironically one of my accounts had migrated, but the other hadn’t and the same for my wife. I contacted them and they finished migrating the accounts to exchange. Everything seems to be working fine now. Thank you again!!!