Connecting to any activesync server

I noticed that if you add a account in emclient 6 you can switch the server to any other activesync server.

Could you please add a button for adding an activesync account without going through the process of modifying an already created account?


no we do not plan to do this as it is already possible to be done by tools - accounts and changing account you want to change.

Button would be useless and it could cause overhaul with too many features.


Even so the whole account setup is pretty weird, for example you have AOL and Yahoo but not iCloud as possible mail suppliers but iCloud exists under Contacts and Calendars?
Also you have CalDAV under Contacts that also adds CardDAV (Calendars)
I was thinking about suggesting a big list of services, sort of like a dropdown menu or something, but it seems you guys already thought of this and then changed it… eM Client 2?…

Anyway, I do believe its a shame to hide a great feature such as activesync-support behind a hotmail/ icon where no one would think to look for it.


Exchange will be most likely added into account set up to be found easier, about iCloud it is not decided yet.

with regards

Exchange as in activesync or as in “web services” ?

as web services

Quite pointless then as you would need a Microsoft Exchange server to use it.

from 6th version we support both Activesync and Exchange so I do not understand your post about this being pointless.

I was simply referring that user will be able to choose between active sync and exchange set up more obviously :slight_smile:


Oh okey then :wink:

I am glad that I could make things clear