connect to bell mail

Trying emclient for the first time and it doesn’t seem to connect to Bell Canada calendar. Anyone know why? or how to fix?

EM Client currently supports the following calendars, See following Em Client link for setup.

For all the great reviews, this has proven to be very troublesome software to set up. First thing it did was create two versions of each of my main accounts. Fished around for a while and finally figured out how to delete one of each. Now trying to set up calendar. I have addresses for the calendar and contacts but emclient will not allow me to type them in.

Is your calendar an eg .iCal that you want to link to EM ?

What are the addresses for your calendar & contacts ?

It’s CalDAV and CardDAV I tried typing this in, to see if it would work, but it won’t let me.

Ok. I am pretty sure you would need more than that to work in the caldav or carddev url for EM Client & most other clients. Someone will update you on this forum for an example url.

PS I would also ask your ISP what the exact link should be for clients.

Thanks. Info on link is here (scroll down past email server settings):…

Ok .Suggest to then try https:// in front of url address for Caldav & Carddav - https://dav.webmail.bell.netand same port 443 & SSL encryption as per your host site.

Will happily give that a try tmro but as mentioned earlier, program would not allow me to enter any part of an address for calendar and contacts. (It offers only the option to select a file vi browsing, it would seem. Which would not work in this case. Still, will give it a shot!

Couldn’t wait, so I tried it tonight. Good news and bad. The good news, if I set up calendar and contacts as a separate account, works like a charm. I can input the calendar and contacts address and the data shows up. The bad news is, if I use the automatic setup, I get functioning email but no option to enter server address for calendar and contacts. (it literally will not let me type them in). I would be fine with this work around (ie having two accounts for what is really only one) but I think I read somewhere that the free edition limits me to two. Which would mean not getting my Outlook email. :frowning:

Ah ok. You can have two accounts with the free personal version.

Em Client sounds like it might need to be updated to handle it all on the one account via automatic wizard.

With most smaller or regional providers you will need to setup your CalDAV and CardDAV like that. The good news is that they do not count towards your 2 email account limit, because they are not email accounts.