Confusion about downloading e-mail via POP3

Hello, it appears that the eM client setup my gmail account using IMAP and not prompted about pop3 which i have not expected. And then it without asking stated synchronizing like 30K e-mails. I was a bit scared about it remove something from Gmail or cause other issue. I seen no way to stop this.
Then what confuse me is on how to now do it the way that the eM Client hold all e-mails and Gmail remove e-mails the eM Client holds. Thank You
eM Client looks very good so far.

Hi, You can setup EM Client for Gmail using a POP account. See the following EM Support article:-

Gmail - how do I set my account as POP?

I personally would always recommend Gmail with the default IMAP setup. I’ve been using the IMAP Gmail setup ever since EM Client started and never had an issue. The EM Client database is very reliable. Just remember to backup EM Client via “Menu / Backup option” at least once a month incase you ever need to restore.

Thanks, maybe i can also use IMAP while it is said to be better at least in some ways, but i do not know how to remove e-mail from gmail and keep it in eM Client.

I just read that and i am stuck at " Manual setup in eM Client is then available in the New Account window under Mail>Other . Here you can select the POP protocol"
I can not see it. Also i already added the account and synced 30K e-mail.