Confusing conversation view

Hi folks, is there a way to show only mails from the inbox in the conversation view (in the inbox or when opening mails from the inbox)? Including all the filed mails is quite confusing :-(. Thx and rgds

That is not possible.

A conversation is a group of messages that includes received messages and their replies. If you restrict access to only the Inbox, you do not have a complete conversation. At it’s most basic a conversation requires messages from both the Inbox and Sent folders, and selecting only the Inbox will also exclude messages from the conversation that you may have (inadvertently) moved to other folders as well as any draft messages.

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I agree with the OP … I really don’t like seeing emails I’ve filed in other folders, in my deleted items, and other random places in the “conversation.” I largely use the conversation to see a chain of emails between other people who are in the conversation, rather than the “back and forth” between myself and someone else.

It would be really useful to be able to exclude folders from the conversation search.

As it sits, “conversations” is pretty useless to me … there’s no real way to group emails in eM client that’s useful for my workflow … I’m currently trying eM Client, but this, and several other things, are making me think hard about whether I want to swtich from outlook. At this point, I don’t think eM Client is a mature enough client to be worth paying for.