Confirmation when Deleting message(s)

I have been using eM Client for a while and for the most part am quite pleased. However, I do have a question on “Confirmations” setting regarding deleting messages.

I would like a confirmation prompt only when deleting anything from Trash but not when deleting any other message (i.e., Inbox, Sent, Drafts, etc.). I see where there is a settings option for “Ask before deleting mail” and “Ask before deleting mail permanently”. I would have thought the “permanently” option would only be triggered when deleting mail from Trash (i.e., permanently); other deletions would not be affected (i.e., no prompts) as they are being moved to the Trash folder. I have the “permanently” Settings/Confirmation option checked but not the other generic non-permanent option; yet, I am not prompted when deleting messages from Trash. Is there some other setting I am missing?


miércoles 07 diciembre 2022 :: 0802hrs (UTC +01:00)

The Confirmation you are looking for is there as:

Ask before emptying Trash

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